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Medtrics is the only system built from the ground up for ACGME's Next Accreditation System (NAS).

"We are a newer residency program and the staff at Medtrics have been great about guiding us through the transition to their residency software. Their team is quick to respond to our individual team members questions and requests. They are helping us grow our residencies with software truly tailored to meet our needs. They are thorough and responsive. Their knowledge of GME, not just computers and tech, has been a tremendous asset."
Jennifer Trujillo
Orange Regional Medical Center
Every Feature You Need

Medtrics is backed by a team that can help address your unique institutional challenges.


Medtrics Onboarding
Onboarding - Collect Key Documents

Collect Key Documents

Collect Certifications, Licenses, and other items while reviewing completion progress via our dashboard.

Onboarding - Expiration Tracking

Expiration Tracking

Medtrics automatically notifies users and administrators when documents are about to expire.

Medtrics Onboarding


Medtrics Milestones
Milestones - ACGME's Milestones Integration

ACGME’s Milestones Integration

Integration of ACGME’s Milestones for each specialty, with the need for additional data entry.

Milestones - CCC Made Easy

CCC Made Easy

Collaborate with your clinical competency committee by visualizing trainee data and NEVER needing to print again.

IRIS Billing

Medtrics IRIS Billing
IRIS Billing - Site Management

Site Management

Easily track all your affiliate sites and their agreements.

IRIS Billing - Interactive Report

Interactive Report

Allow your finance department to make changes without affecting the underlying data.

Medtrics IRIS Billing

Duty Hours

Medtrics Duty Hours
Duty Hours - Intuitive Mobile Interface

Intuitive Mobile Interface

Use any mobile device to log duty hours on the go.

DutyHours - Automated Violation Generation

Automated Violation Generation

Violations are automatically generated based on ACGME's requirements.


Medtrics Calendar
Calendar - Collaborative Calendar

Collaborative Calendar

Keep all users up to date with future events, conferences, lectures, and more.

Calendar - Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Use the Medtrics iPad app to easily track attendance for any event.

Medtrics Calendar


Medtrics Documents
Documents - Portfolio


Keep all important documents relevant to each user in one place.

Documents - File Sharing

File Sharing

Create shared folders and set permissions to make sure everyone see's only what they need to.


Medtrics Evaluations
Evaluations - Automated Distributions

Automated Distributions

Automatically distribute 360 degree evaluations based on work schedules.

Evaluations - Anonymous Surveys

Anonymous Surveys

Get honest real-time feedback on your program, rotations, institutions and users at any time.

Medtrics Evaluations


Medtrics Projects
Projects - Exit Your Silo

Exit Your Silo

Use our search function to find ongoing projects within your institution and collaborate with your peers.

Projects - Collaborate


Invite others to join your projects. Where you can share documents, create and complete tasks. When finished report to administration on your project.

That's Not All

This and much more.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Automatically keep all users in the loop.


Generate beautifully designed PDF reports.



Share important information as well as fun videos.

Real-time Performance Alerts

Real-time Performance Alerts

Be notified and address performance issues before they become bad habits.

Tracking Every Specialty

Tracking Every Specialty

Integration of all ACGME Milestones for every specialty.



Track important demographic fields and create custom ones too.

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Medtrics Lab is a combined team of medical professionals and technology experts.
It is our mission to simplify medical education.