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Medtrics is an approved vendor for AAMC's Curriculum Inventory Report.

"The Medtrics platform was a great help to us in building our curriculum database. It’s user friendly online tools have greatly and efficiently impacted our curriculum mapping and review processes."
Aleisha Canik
Ghaith Al-Eyd, MD, PhD
California University of
Science and Medicine
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Curriculum Mapping

Medtrics Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Mapping - Physician Competency Reference Set

Physician Competency Reference Set

Medtrics has full integration with AAMC's PCRS.

Curriculum Mapping - Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Intuitive drag-and-drop technology makes it easy to map your program, course, session objectives to the PCRS.

Medtrics Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Search & Reporting

Medtrics Curriculum Search and Reporting
Curriculum Search Reporting - Keyword Objective Search

Keyword & Objective Search

Search keywords linked to sessions or text from your objectives to identify where in your curicculum certain concepts are taught.

Curriculum Search Reporting - Visualize Your Map

Visualize Your Map

See the relationships between your objectives to to locate and address gaps and redundancies in your curriculum.

Section Scheduling

Medtrics Section Scheduling
Section Scheduling - Batch Scheduling

Batch Scheduling

Quickly schedule large and small group sessions, lectures, labs and more.

Section Scheduling - Cohort Generation

Cohort Generation

Let Medtrics do the work and automatically generate cohorts based on desired size.

Medtrics Section Scheduling


Medtrics Lottery
Lottery - Easy to use

Easy to use

Intuitive drag-and-drop technology makes it easy for students to select and organize their preferred clinical rotations .

Lottery - Multiple Lotteries

Multiple Lotteries

Create multiple lotteries for certain sites or groups of students and run them independently.

Competency Based Evaluations

Medtrics Competency Based Evaluations
Competency Based Evaluations - Use AAMC's EPA's

Use AAMC's EPA's

Track the competence of your students in 13 key areas and see their progress longitudinally.

Competency Based Evaluations - Use your own Competency Set

Use your own Competency Set

Use an internal set of competencies and link them with AAMC's PCRS or EPA's for reporting.

Medtrics Competency Based Evaluations

Automatic Evaluation Distribution

Medtrics Automatic Evaluation Distribution
Automatic Evaluation Distribution - Distribute Based on Schedules

Distribute Based on Schedules

Automatically assign end of course, rotation, peer-to-peer,student of lecturer and other evaluations based on schedules.

Automatic Evaluation Distribution - Anonymous Surveys

Anonymous Surveys

Create and distribute anonymous surveys and send them out quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or anywhere in between.


Medtrics ePortfolio
ePortfolio - Real-time Feedback

Real-time Feedback

All non-confidential information is available for students and faculty to see in their own e-Portfolio at any time from any device.

ePortfolio - Keep it simple

Keep it simple

All information kept in Medtrics for each user can be found in their e-Portfolio, with no need to run reports or switching between different pages.

Medtrics ePortfolio

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