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Automatically Assigned Evaluations for Interviews with Resident Candidates in Medtrics

The interview season upon us & with everyone being virtual, It's crucial to simplify your workflows. Paper evaluations are out of the question, and a virtual solution will need to integrate with your current software and workflows. Medtrics is here with a solution to your organization's hiring hurdles. Automatically assigned evaluations to review each candidate means you can use Medtrics for gathering all the information you'll need for the rank meeting.

Step 1: Create an Evaluation Template for Ranking Every Candidate

Medtrics has a variety of evaluations for your program. For this evaluation, select the event template. Make sure your template is activated prior to your interview dates and set your other parameters, and create questions as simple or as detailed as you need. Select the roles of users who will be interviewing.

Step 2: Schedule Interviews on your Medtrics Calendar

Medtrics Calendar is intuitive and can sync with your favorite digital calendar. Simply select "Resident Interview" as the event type, select the role of "interviewer", and select the date and time. Be sure to list the candidate as the visiting speaker.

Step 3: Automatically Score your Candidates in Medtrics

After an interview has happened, you'll get a notification on your dashboard in Medtrics. Clicking on this notification will take you to the evaluation where you can fill out the form and score the interviewee. It's that simple. Need an overview of all of the scoring information on each interviewee after all of the interviews are over? No problem. Easily generate a report with all of the interviewees using the event reports. Just select the interview event to generate a report on all of the interviewees.

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