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Introducing the Academic Progress Dashboard for All Clinical Training Programs and How to Access It

As a physician, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that clinical training programs face when it comes to managing education and progress. With unique schedules at various hospitals and clinics, keeping track of graduation requirements can be a daunting task for administrators and students across medical schools, residency programs, nursing schools, and allied health professions. That's why I'm excited to introduce our new feature, the Academic Progress Dashboard, designed to simplify the process and provide real-time visibility into student progress for all clinical training programs.

The Problem:

Throughout my medical education and clinical training, I realized the complexities of completing an array of mandatory and elective courses, as well as core and elective clinical rotations. Keeping a running tally of the number of weeks each student has completed can be tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Moreover, students and trainees often struggle with planning their electives and ensuring they meet all curricular requirements.

Our Solution: Academic Progress Dashboard

At Medtrics, we developed the Academic Progress Dashboard to address these challenges across all clinical training programs. This new feature provides students, trainees, and administrators with real-time information on their scheduled, completed, and remaining credits and weeks for each rotation. The comprehensive breakdown of requirements, such as the number of weeks for medicine, surgical rotations, nursing, and allied health professions, ensures participants meet curriculum standards.

The Benefits:

Time-Saving: As someone who has been through the clinical training journey, I understand the value of time. Our Academic Progress Dashboard saves institutions significant time when planning schedules and ensuring participants have everything they need to graduate.

Real-Time Visibility: With the dashboard, students, trainees, and administrators can access up-to-date information on progress and requirements, making it easier to plan electives and make informed decisions.

Streamlined Tracking: We developed the dashboard to enable seamless tracking, reducing the risk of errors in manual calculations and ensuring that participants meet all requirements for graduation.

Improved Participant Experience: Our aim is to empower participants to focus on their education and achieve success in their healthcare careers by providing them with a clear understanding of their academic progress.

Accessing and Using the Academic Progress Dashboard:

The Academic Progress Dashboard is easily accessible for all Medtrics users. Administrators can view the dashboard by logging into the Admin Portal, while students and trainees can access it through their individual accounts. To start using the dashboard, existing clients can reach out to our Medtrics sales team to add the new feature and schedule onboarding. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth integration into your current workflow.

Academic Dashboard View
Academic Progress Dashboard


As the founder/CEO of Medtrics, I'm proud to introduce the Academic Progress Dashboard, a game-changer for all clinical training programs. By transforming the way progress and requirements are tracked and managed, we are revolutionizing clinical education and helping institutions and participants thrive. Experience the benefits of the Academic Progress Dashboard by reaching out to our Medtrics sales team today and scheduling your onboarding session.

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