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Medical Student Elective Rotation Management is Broken. We are Fixing it.

‍Say goodbye to paperwork and admin hassles - Medtrics takes medical school clerkship management to the next level.

As a former medical student who clerkships in New York City, and later as a resident and faculty member working with medical students, I know firsthand the importance of elective rotations in providing hands-on experience in various specialties. However, managing these rotations and other aspects of medical education can be a logistical nightmare for medical schools and clerkship departments. That's why I founded Medtrics, an enterprise SaaS company with a comprehensive medical education management software platform designed to simplify and centralize elective rotation management and full clerkship scheduling, evaluations, site management, and case logs. In this article, I'll delve into the issues faced by medical schools and how Medtrics' innovative solution enhances efficiency and ROI.

Problem: Overwhelming Elective Rotation Management Processes

During my time as a medical student, I saw many students spend a lot of time doing paperwork to get permission to do electives. Medical schools grapple with several issues when managing elective rotations and other aspects of medical education:

  • Cumbersome paperwork: Applications, approvals, evaluations, and scheduling all require extensive documentation.
  • Decentralized communication: Emails and phone calls make tracking information and maintaining records difficult.
  • Time-consuming administration: With each student completing multiple electives, the process repeats thousands of times annually.

Clerkship departments are often overwhelmed with coordinating the complexities of scheduling, evaluations, site management, and case logs.

Clerkship & Elective Rotation Management

The Solution: Medtrics' Comprehensive Medical Education Management Platform

To address these challenges, Medtrics worked closely with our medical school clients to develop a comprehensive medical education management platform that streamlines not only elective rotation management. The elective rotation module, which will be implemented to manage electives for about 300 students each year, who will be going to hospitals all over the United States during their final year of medical school. 

Here's how the elective rotation module works:

  • Student-driven applications: Students submit applications, including hospital, specialty, preceptor details, and file attachments, directly through Medtrics.
  • Efficient review and approval: Administrators can review, approve, or reject applications within the platform, eliminating tedious email chains.
  • Automated schedule updates: Approved applications automatically update the student's schedule, keeping everyone informed and organized.

The Benefits: Boosted Efficiency, Increased ROI, and Satisfied Staff

School administrators are excited about the new module and the comprehensive Medtrics platform, as it eliminates the need for managing the elective process and other aspects of medical education via emails. By implementing Medtrics, medical schools reap substantial benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Medtrics simplifies the process, saving time and allowing staff to concentrate on crucial tasks.
  • Improved communication: Centralizing the process within Medtrics reduces errors and misunderstandings between students, administrators, and preceptors.
  • Streamlined record-keeping: The platform stores all information, facilitating accurate reporting and analysis.
  • Greater ROI: Medtrics frees up resources by minimizing administrative burdens, providing a measurable return on investment.
  • Comprehensive solution: Medtrics addresses multiple areas of medical school management, offering a one-stop solution for institutions.

With Medtrics' comprehensive medical education management platform, medical schools can transform once tedious processes into streamlined, centralized, and efficient systems that benefit everyone involved. Drawing from my personal experiences and the successful collaboration with our clients,  Medtrics can revolutionize your medical school's management, from elective rotations to full clerkship scheduling, evaluations, site management, and case logs. Medtrics offers a one-stop solution for institutions looking to optimize their medical education management processes - for pre-clerkship and clerkship departments. 

Experience the future of medical education management and witness the impact Medtrics can have on your institution. To learn more about Medtrics and how it can make a difference for your medical school, schedule a demo today.

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