Running an Efficient, Virtual CCC Meeting at a New Program

Learn how Berkshire Medical center transformed its CCC Meetings with streamlined workflows & visual dashboards in Medtrics.
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Berkshire Medical Center


Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Suzette began work as a Surgical Residency Program Coordinator at Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts. As a new coordinator, she had to learn her tasks quickly. While she was adjusting to this learning curve, the COVID Pandemic hit, turning her plans awry.


Coordinating with CCC members to meet in-person every 6 months to review each resident’s performance.


Work with the Medtrics team to find a workflow for virtual CCC Meetings


A Completely Paperless & Efficient Remote CCC meeting

The Challenge

Suzette took over the role of another program coordinator who had been at Berkshire Health Systems for over 25 years. Left with relics of paper-reporting and a poorly managed legacy software infrastructure, Suzette was faced with the challenge of replacing the program’s legacy software and paper-reporting with Medtrics. As COVID began, she also needed to consider how to manage everything virtually.

Although the task was daunting, Suzette was in a similar place as her peers. The majority of program coordinators are new to the position, with less than five years of experience.₁ With a lack of resources & infrastructure, Suzette did the best thing someone could do in her situation; she reached out to Medtrics. Using our chat feature, she quickly scheduled a one on one training just for her. Medtrics provided this at no additional cost to the program.

The Solution

Before using Medtrics, the General Surgery program at Berkshire Medical Center relied on paper evaluations, emailing PDF's, and filling excel sheets to run its residency. The program had begun using Medtrics to improve its evaluation completion percentages and collect more actionable data with a more efficient method. The Medtrics team provided Suzette with an intuitive overview of how to complete the following tasks.

Quickly generating & Sharing forms for evaluations
Linking Relevant Evaluations to Rotations
Transitioning Unique

"The ability to send out concise reports to the CCC members prior to the meeting was vital. It gave them an idea of what the meeting was about before logging onto the call."

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Suzette Naylor
Program Coordintaor
Berkshire Medical Center

The Results

With Medtrics, the program can now:

Host CCC meetings almost 100 percent virtually
Link evaluations to ACGME reporting milestones & rotations
Provide insights on residents & faculty with Visual Dashboards
Develop detailed work hour reports for streamlined scheduling
Track academic & clinical attendance

The program has an efficient workflow for collecting and sharing all the data it needs. The Clinical Competency Committee uses Medtrics to efficiently review and process this data all from the comfort of their home. Suzette can now provide a concise summary of each resident’s performance to each of the CCC members before each virtual meeting.

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