Our Solutions

We at Medtrics Lab believe that in order to effectively train the next generation of health care professionals, we must fully leverage the power of modern technology. Medtrics is a beautifully designed clinical education management platform that was built from the ground up to be incredibly simple and intuitive.

Integrated ACGME CLER Pathways

Always be prepared for a site or ACGME’s CLER visit

Critical, institutional metrics are summarized and easy to interpret.
Straight forward access to your most important information during site visits.
Easy distribution to program directors (with ACGME’s 6 CLER focus areas already integrated).

Milestones Tracking – For every Specialty and Subspecialty

Painless, bi-annual ACGME reporting through proprietary summary charts — All available for your team to review

Simple ACGME Milestones tracking
Real-time identification of individual residents who may be struggling – an enormous benefit to Clinical Competency Committees

Address your citations – as a team with Citations Tracker

Ease the work of GME and program directors
Clearly define action plans to address citations they received from Review Committees
Specific tasks can be created and tracked to ensure that the program/institution is brought up to standard quickly

Simplified Duty Hours Tracking (Institutional)

Keep track of duty hour violations effortlessly with our always up-to-date interactive chart
Painlessly review and resolve residents’ justifications

Streamlined On-boarding

No more chasing down new trainees to collect important paperwork
Receive requirements via our intuitive portal — everything from drug screenings, to immunization records, and lab coat sizes

Clean Reporting

Clear, built-in reports give you the information you need, in an understandable and intuitive manner …and they look great!

Full Demographics

Gain insight with detailed demographics on trainees, staff, and faculty

Robust 360 Degree Evaluations

Effortlessly comply with the ACGME’s Next Accreditation System through shorter, more frequent evaluations

Create different templates for each clinical setting and auto-assign them based on work schedule

Simple Evaluation Command Center

Instantly track the status of all evaluations for the academic year on one page

Complete evaluations on time, with significantly less effort

Real-time Notifications

Address issues with your trainees and program as they occur
Instantly notify directors and coordinators when a trainee receives a poor evaluation

Team Email Notifications

Automated email notifications help you collect and distribute important information to large teams

Full Calendar

Institutional and program level calendar for all your conferences, special events, and meetings
Integrated with our Attendance Tracker app for iPad

Interactive Scheduling

Easily schedule all of your trainees, faculty, students, and even staff members with our simple Schedule Builder

Have evaluations automatically assigned when evaluators and trainees work together

Attendance Tracker Included

No more paper sign-in sheets!

Track conference attendance automatically with our Attendance Tracker iPad application

Save some trees!


Efficient Duty Hour Tracking

Easily log your hours from your phone when it’s convenient

Transparent Evaluations

Stop wondering where you stand

Get simple access to valuable feedback from faculty

Hone in on areas for improvement


Streamlined Procedure Logs

Forget about keeping notes in your coat pocket or a spreadsheet

Log procedures immediately into Medtrics using your phone

Convenient Evaluation Submission

Make your coordinators happy— Complete evaluations right from your phone at any time

No more waiting to get to a desktop to complete evaluations – Submit evaluations right from your smartphone or tablet

Interactive Email Notifications

Receive notifications of any outstanding evaluations

Notifications include a simple link taking you directly to the evaluation in question

Clean design

Intuitive design that saves you days in training time