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ACGME Conference 2021

2020 has been extremely challenging for doctors and medical professionals for conquering medical education and patient care alike. No one could have anticipated the ordeal that unfolded over the past year, but from hardship, there is always a relief. Many physicians and medical educators were forced to adapt, taking their daily operations digital while confronting the demands of millions of patients worldwide. It's hard to believe that last year's conference was in-person, but we were amazed at the efforts made by the ACGME to make it feel like we were there again.

Our team was filled with excitement from the first time we opened up our browsers. Moving from the outside to the inside of the conference truly felt like you were entering an up-scale auditorium. Once inside, there was a help desk, poster hall, exhibitor hall, and the daily sessions that one could attend - just like a real, in-person conference. Our team was mostly stationed in the booth and connecting with everyone, but we also had a chance to attend some of the very engaging sessions. The poster hall was also very insightful, and our team left with a new perspective on the medical world.

ACGME Exhibitor Hall

We hope that the experience was as captivating for you as it was for the Medtrics team, and we hope you had the opportunity to stop by our booth. We had a great time reconnecting with our clients that stopped by. We also were excited to meet some new faces and discuss how Medtrics can address some of the challenges they're facing. If you didn't get a chance to download any of the content at the conference, most of it is in the resources section of our website. If you're interested in getting the full folder of files we had there, feel free to reach out to our team.

Medtrics Booth

We hope to see everyone in person next year, but if we have another virtual setting like this year's conference, I think we can say we'll be okay. Looking forward to next year!

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