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Announcing New Changes in Leadership at Medtrics

Medtrics continues to grow year after year with new milestones in technology, clients, and recruitment. After being founded in 2013, we have attracted an incredibly talented team with an extensive background in healthcare, technology, and design. As our team prepares for the next chapter of forecasted growth, we are excited to announce a few changes to our leadership team. 

Santhosh Cherian, MD


Since founding Medtrics in 2013, Santhosh worked closely with Chris Tokodi to grow Medtrics from an ambitious idea to a rapidly growing business in medical education. Previously, Santhosh served as the Director of User Experience (UX), leading the design of the Medtrics platform while building strategic relationships with leading enterprise and academic institutions. Moving forward, Santhosh will assume the role of CEO with an increased focus on accelerating the growth of the business to institutional clients in GME & UME. Michael Crook will take on the leadership of the Medtrics UX Team. 

Chris Tokodi


Chris joined Medtrics in 2014 and served various roles to get the product and business off the ground. Most recently, Chris served as CEO. His focus on developing internal operations helped support Medtrics' larger enterprise clients. This focus on internal operations helped Medtrics scale its technology infrastructure to support deployments at larger organizations. Chris will transition to the CIO role to continue developing our technology infrastructure, security, and technical leadership for our implementation and customer success teams. 

Rio Weber


Rio joined Medtrics in 2015 as a front-end software developer. His instrumental approach to leading the development of multiple Medtrics modules helped build the system that many institutions use today. Rio is transitioning into a CTO role to focus on leading our engineering teams and building technology and processes to scale with our business needs. 

Michael Crook

Director of User Experience (UX)

Michael joined Medtrics earlier in 2021 as the lead UX designer with over fifteen years in the design industry. In addition, Michael achieved a Master’s of Science degree at Thomas Jefferson University in 2020 in User Experience Design and User Interaction Design. Mike has quickly integrated himself into our product team and is leading the design of Medtrics as the new Director of User Experience.

Thank you to all of our clients, investors, and fans for supporting us over the years. We are excited for the journey ahead and all of the exciting updates we'll be sharing with you! 

Medtrics Team

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