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Improving Medical Education at Berkshire Health Systems with Medtrics

Explore how Medtrics was able to transform Berkshire Health Systems evaluation, compliance management and milestone tracking capabilities.
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Berkshire Health Systems


Pittsfield, MA

Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) is accredited for ten general surgery residency positions and requires residents to complete five clinical years of training. Previously, the program relied on paper evaluations and struggled with engagement and efficiency. As Suzette Naylor, Program Coordinator for Surgical Residency, joined BHS, she aimed to implement technology solutions to address these challenges.


Insufficient results and low compliance percentage due to evaluations being completed on paper as well as disorganized trainee records and reporting of work hours.


Medtrics provided a comprehensive scheduling, work hour submission and document management solution that is then used to automate the evaluation assignment task to reduce workload and improve compliance with accurate reporting for trainee milestone tracking.


90% evaluation compliance. Weekly work hours and clinic reports to ensure ACGME compliance. More meaningful Milestones assessments and most importantly, invaluable time savings to better support their residents.


Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) offers a general surgery residency program requiring five years of clinical training. Previously reliant on paper evaluations, BHS faced issues with engagement and efficiency. Suzette Naylor, the new Program Coordinator for Surgical Residency, aimed to address these challenges through technology solutions.

Key Challenges

BHS's surgical residency program faced several challenges, including the time-consuming nature of paper evaluations, low compliance with operative skill evaluations, and difficulty tracking key metrics such as work hours, clinic attendance, and procedure logs. Suzette Naylor sought to move away from manual processes to better support the residents.

Suzette stated, "We were heading backward. I wanted to get away from paper."

Solution with Medtrics Software

After researching various options, BHS chose Medtrics residency management software for its ability to automate evaluations, integrate new evaluation methods like the ZWISH app for OR skills, consolidate trainee records, and provide comprehensive reporting. Suzette appreciated features like customizable evaluation messages, which helped drive higher engagement.

"I like that when you resend evaluations, you can customize a little message," Suzette said. This feature allows personalized notifications to drive higher engagement.


Implementing Medtrics software resulted in 90% evaluation compliance, direct OR skills feedback, and timely reports on work hours and clinic attendance, ensuring ACGME compliance. The software saved residents significant time by consolidating important documents, leading to more meaningful Milestones assessments and better overall support for residents. The support team’s responsiveness and helpful resources further enhanced the program’s efficiency.

One resident told Suzette that having all documents like licenses, logs, and certificates in Medtrics "saved her a lot of time" when applying to fellowships.

Future Outlook

While dramatic gains occurred already, Suzette aims to improve efficiency. She plans to use the software's resources and project tools more over time. Her Program Director also continues generating fresh ideas to serve residents. Due to the strong partnership and platform flexibility, BHS can collaborate with Medtrics on enhancing capabilities as needs evolve. This ensures the surgical residency program will remain on the cutting edge in supporting resident education.

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