Medtrics Team at Ben Franklin Tech Partners

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The Medtrics team (pictured above) attended the Ben Franklin Venture Idol competition this past Tuesday, November 14th. The Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a major investor in Medtrics,  is a venture capital firm headquartered in Northeast Pennsylvania. One of their main goals is to increase technology-based economic growth, by hosting an annual competition. Similar to the popular show, Shark Tank, the contest allowed early-stage entrepreneurs to showcase their technology-related business ideas for funding.

American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Conference

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The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the leader for academic medicine in the United States. AAMC’sLearn, Serve, and Lead conference held November 3-7th was attended by thousands of leaders and decision makers from medical schools around the world. Medtrics team was proud to exhibit at the conference this year to showcase our education management platform, which allows medical schools to manage the curriculum, schedules, evaluations, and other academic data. During the conference Medtrics team followed up with current customers as well as met with many other leaders in education. Medtrics is an authorized vendor of AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory and looking forward to another exciting year of working with innovative programs across the country.

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Financing a New Residency Program – Medtrics Client Series

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Michael Watson, MD is a Family Medicine Program Director who is beginning a new residency program at the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Franciscan Health in Bremerton, Washington. He talked with Jon about the financial challenges that are faced in this process. One challenge is that Medicare and Medicaid payments cover many of the costs of residency programs nationwide, but these programs do not take effect until after Michael’s Family Medicine program is underway. Michael was able to utilize statewide funding sources and funding from charitable foundations, and may also be able to take advantage of funding sources for the program’s other affiliated sites in Washington. Much progress has been made in a short amount of time – an accomplishment Michael attributes to a strong, dedicated team. We wish Michael and his team the best in the ACGME accreditation process in the years to come.


Dr. Michael Watson and CHI Franciscan Health have no financial interest in, and have not received compensation of any kind from Medtrics Lab LLC.

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Working Together to Further Medical Education

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Uploading curriculum is AAMC’s next step in furthering medical education. Curriculum reporting with AAMC involves mapping a school’s full curriculum to AAMC’s Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS) and uploading it electronically. However, it’s important that the burden on the medical schools isn’t large.

Medtrics team at AAMC

That’s why during October 18th-19th, AAMC held their Curriculum Inventory Annual Vendor Retreat in Washington DC. AAMC brought together AAMC experts Kirke Lawton and Walter Fitz-William, Medtrics and the other Curriculum Management Systems, and Valerie Smothers representing MedBiquitous. We were excited to be represented by Matt Terry, our Director of Operations, and Chris Tokodi, our CEO. Together, everyone discussed how to design the process of uploading curriculum to be as fluid as possible.

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New England’s Journal of Medicine Releases a Comprehensive Resource for Residency Programs

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Finally, there is a resource for residents who need to refresh their medical knowledge before beginning a new rotation!

The New England Journal of Medicine has just launched NEJM Resident 360, a platform that summarizes relevant facts, research, and guidelines across 14 common internal medicine rotations. This resource can be accessed with a subscription tothe journal, the Journal Watch, or Knowledge+.

What does this mean for the medical community? Benefits across all levels of medical practice.

If you are an incoming first-year resident, you could join the discussion forum and participate in discussions such as, “How to Survive your First Month as a Doctor– Advice from the Chiefs” or listen to podcasts such as “The House” where residents share their stories from the bedside. Read more

Medtrics Lab at the 2016 ACGME Annual Meeting

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Join us at the ACGME 2016 Annual Meeting at National Harbor, Maryland!

Stop by the exhibit hall to see Medtrics in action! Find out how we can help your institution by going paperless for all of your residency accreditation needs on both an institutional and program level.

For more information on the conference check out ACGME’s official website.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!

-Medtrics Team

Medtrics Lab interviewed at Health Tech Conference

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Santosh Cherian was interviewed at the 2015 Health Tech Conference by Pat Salber.


Pat-HeadshotPat Salber is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Doctor Weighs In (TDWI). She also runs the The Doctor Weighs In, a YouTube channel dedicated to “All things health and health care related.”

Santhosh CherianTosh Cherian, the founder of Medtrics Lab, was at the conference promoting Medtrics and their exciting new software platform.

“Medtrics is doing something Completely Different!”

When asked by Pat “What I really like about Medtrics is that you’re doing something completely different, so tell us, what’s up with Medtrics.” Tosh Replied, “Medtrics is a complete residency management platform, build from the ground up. Often times in health care all the innovation goes to the patient side, and the residents get neglected. So we work with both the hospital and the residents to simplify the process so the data that is collected can be used to create meaningful impacts on how the residents are trained.”

Medtrics Tracks Clinical Competency

The Future of Healthcare and Graduate Medical Education is here, through the Cloud…

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Why should the healthcare industry, medical education and training move to the cloud? Because it works.

Much like the internet revolution of the 90’s, followed by the mobile revolution of the millennium, we are now enjoying the latest technology-based revolution through the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are taking business, finance, healthcare, education and all industries into the future.

Through technology the world has moved from old-fashioned filing cabinets all the way to the cloud, with companies like, IBM, Microsoft, Rackspace, Salesforce and others showing us the way by building and securing the future of business, management, billing, operations, sales and more, through the cloud. They have shown us that using the cloud is faster, easier to use and more manageable than previous in-house software systems, which were managed by costly and time consuming IT departments. With many processes involved in healthcare, adding a tech component includes a significant amount of time for software implementation and updates, time these programs simply do not have. Patching and moving to new versions are costly and increase security risks due to testing required before roll out of new software.

With the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the healthcare industry has experienced dramatic changes in payment structuring and increased accountability, creating the need for increased Information Technology utilization. Recent survey data illustrates the trend toward such utilization. 83% of IT healthcare organizations are now using cloud services with 9.3% planning to, while 67% of IT healthcare organizations are currently running SaaS-based applications. (From Wikipedia)

Survey Results

Cloud-based services for the healthcare industry are proven to work, with medical records, billing and more having already adapted to the latest technology trend with companies like eClinicalWorks, McKesson, AirWatch by VMware, and many others taking patient care and healthcare administration to the next level. Medtrics Lab is leading the latest charge into the future by taking graduate medical education (GME) and training to the cloud. Since adopting the new Medtrics Lab solution, program directors and residents in training prefer cloud-based solutions like Medtrics, just ask them. With customers like Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – Lubbock, Wellington Regional Medical Center, Weiss Memorial Hospital, and many more, these residency programs are seeing measurable returns on their investment, with improved efficiency and results for managing residency programs.

Medtrics Lab is continuing to expand their market position with additional graduate medical education (GME) programs signing up on a regular basis, along with their pending expansion into nursing as they are in talks with several nursing programs at this time.

With the success of the cloud for business, healthcare and education, the only question is, what is next? We have gone internet, then mobile and now cloud…. so what is next and what is next with tech in healthcare? We would love to hear your thoughts on the future of technology and healthcare, and what you think will be the next big technology and/or mobile advancement in the medical/healthcare field.

Medtrics back from Academic Internal Medicine Week

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Slack for iOS Upload

The Medtrics team had a great time in Atlanta showing our platform and seeing many new faces as well as our old friends. We’re looking forward to our next chance to exhibit with AAIM at the 2016 APDIM Spring Conference in Las Vegas!