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We’re Exhibiting at AAMC 2023!

We’re excited to share that we will be attending this year's AAMC conference at the Seattle Summit Convention Center!

The past year has underscored the challenges in healthcare, particularly the rise in burnout among educators. It's clear there's much to discuss and learn from each other. Because of this, we at Medtrics believe it’s important now more than ever before that we come together and take this opportunity to have productive conversations about the struggles that medical professionals face in these uncertain times. 

At AAMC 2023, we aim to dive into the administrative hurdles in medical education and healthcare. We invite you to our booth (#219) to share your insights through a brief video interview. Together, we can combine our knowledge, experiences and insights to strive for positive impact and pave the way to a better tomorrow for medical education.

Feel free to stop by - we appreciate your input either way. Your voice can help shape a better tomorrow for medical education.

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