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Making the Tech-Industry & Healthcare Industry less of a "boys club"

At Medtrics, we make sure every member of our team brings with them a new set of unique experiences and perspectives. We have some unbelievably talented women on our team. Today, we celebrate Marina Melo Pires – Senior Developer | LinkedIn.

Marina made the choice to work with computer when she started college at 18, and she’s so happy she did. “My favorite part of my job is solving problems. I love improving query performance and finding development solutions to complex questions that help clients with their work.”

While serving an indispensable role at Medtrics, Marina is raising two beautiful children with her husband. “Working as a programmer remotely makes motherhood easier. And allows me to enjoy my kids childhood and participate actively.”

Marina joined Medtrics in June 2016. Prior to joining Medtrics she worked for Globostat, Brazil’s largest televise content provider, where she was the lead the team that developed the mobile application for 2016 Rio Olympics.

In the early days of Medtrics, Marina was the primary backend developer for our platform, helping us overcome many technical challenges - including writing several of our automation algorithms and reports. Even today, Marina takes on some of the more complex projects and never backs down from a challenge.

In addition to her technical wisdom, our team is also appreciative of her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for solving challenges facing healthcare - very few individuals would leave a senior level engineering position for struggling startup. All of us are glad she took a chance on Medtrics five years ago - we wouldn’t be where we are without Marina.

We are really fortunate to have Marina on our team, not just because of the skilled programmer that she is, but because of the person she is! Medtrics is a software company but our product is just as much the software we provide as it is our team of brilliant people.

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