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Medtrics 11 Year Anniversary

It’s safe to say that the past 11 years have been interesting for everyone. The world continues to change, technology continues to grow, and not to mention the plethora of historic world events that we all experienced together. And like everything else in the world, Medtrics has continued to change and evolve to the point where it is almost unrecognizable when compared to how it started. That being said, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate our 11 years of service by looking back to when we started and how Medtrics has adapted and grown to better support the educators who work tirelessly to train out future physicians. More importantly, it highlights the aspects that have stayed the same over time

Setting Out To Solve A Problem

Santhosh Cherian completing his residency program

Back in 2013, when the world was just getting over the trend of “Gangnam Style '' and about to become obsessed with the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” Santhosh Cherian, MD was in his fourth year of medical school. That was when a problem faced by medical education departments  presented itself. An idea was born from the need for a streamlined system that reduces the effort and time preceptors, residents and administrators spend entering data into a system. The question that started it all was, why is the technology being used for this still outdated while everything else continues to move forward? 

And thus, Medtrics was created in an effort to provide a modern solution to this problem. Santhosh has always been one to explore other interests, so the internship he took at a software company had given him the knowledge he needed to attempt something like this, while his medical training gave him the industry knowledge and experience to understand the specific needs of learners and educators around him.

Modest Beginnings 

A problem was recognized and an idea was formed, but the question remained, how do you even attempt something like this? Well, if one thing has persisted over the years it is the willingness of Santhosh and the Medtrics team to answer that question with: 

“Let me try and find out.”

This mentality is exactly what led to the many adventures in the early years of Medtrics. From working out of a small apartment and taking every opportunity to present the platform to whoever was willing to listen, to driving across the country to exhibit at the ACGME conference for the first time. 

The Right Team For The Job

Santhosh may have been the one to conceive of this venture, but it’s safe to say that Medtrics wouldn’t have made it very far if it wasn’t for a team of individuals who saw the potential and shared the same passion to advance the capabilities of Medical Education Management. A project like this required the collaboration of like minded people who have a passion and the right amount of drive to follow through and take risks to make things happen.

In the midst of trying to find a foothold and make progress, Santhosh took to the internet to find potential interns. What he found after reviewing multiple resumes, however, was a future business partner and life long friend, Chris Tokodi. While others were responding to the posting with generic answers and resumes, Chris replied

with a 3 page audit of the Medtrics website with detailed suggestions for improvement. From that moment on, Chris became a vital part of the Medtrics family. He continues his work as our Chief Information Officer, working to ensure continuous data quality management to all of our clients. Not bad for a guy who was working in a macaroon factory at the time, don't you think?

Guilherme Gondim visiting the US and insisting on shovelling snow for the first time.

Once Medtrics began to gain momentum, it became clear that it was much more than a two man job, especially on the technical side of things. So the search for others who wanted more than your typical 9 to 5 job began again, and surprisingly, Santhosh and Chris found a few more people who would eventually push Medtrics closer to the company we are today.

To start, we have Rio Weber who met Chris at a college job fair and was practically hired on the spot. Rio was able to show his experience in front-end development and how he could revamp the interface of the Medtrics system to provide the user-friendly experience that we have today. He has been a crucial part of our team for the

past 8 years, identifying a problem and diving into it until he can build a solution. After Rio, Medtrics welcomed our Site Reliability Engineer, Guilherme Gondim, and our Senior Developer, Marina Melo. This duo provides the vital finishing touch of expertise to form the infrastructure of the platform used by thousands of learners and educators today. Medtrics would never have made it this far without each and every one of these amazing individuals, and for that they have our team's enthusiastic appreciation.

Medtrics In 2024 and Beyond

After 11 years and all of the challenges, obstacles and evolutions we have undergone as a company, the one constant of Medtrics is our Core Values: Integrity, Initiative, and Impact.

These are the 3 words that guide everything we do as a company and as a team. Integrity, initiative, and impact are why we are a growing team of passionate and amazing individuals from around the world. These values are exactly what will lead to more growth, exploration, and advancement to achieve our Mission: “To create an engaged healthcare workforce to save our lives.” 

As for what specifically comes next, let's find out together.

To everyone who has believed in our vision and supported us throughout these 11 years, from everyone here at Medtrics, thank you.
Medtrics In Office Collaboration: 2024

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