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Welcome Katie Garrity, Institutional Onboarding Specialist

Prior to joining Medtrics, Katie served as the Curriculum Coordinator at the University of Kansas School of Nursing, where she managed processes to maintain accreditation standards, develop curricular enhancements, and evaluate program outcomes for 6 programs and over 160 courses. During her time there, Katie was instrumental in implementing Medtrics, making KU one of the first nursing schools in the country to adopt our innovative curriculum mapping software. Her firsthand experience as a Medtrics user for 3 years gives her invaluable insight into how to help our clients get the most out of the platform.

Katie Garrity

Before her role in nursing, Katie lead curriculum efforts at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. She entered the world of medical education when curriculum mapping requirements were established by the AAMC. Katie facilitated the selection and implementation of curriculum mapping software for 3 programs and her accomplishments were recognized as a panelist at CGEA in 2016.

I'm excited to leverage my background in higher education administration and my experience implementing Medtrics to help more schools experience the benefits of curriculum mapping.

Katie's skills in project management, process improvement, and evaluation, along with her outstanding communication abilities, make her an excellent fit for the Institutional Onboarding Specialist role. She will serve as the lead for onboarding new academic institutions, preparing custom training content, managing the client onboarding process, and collaborating cross-functionally to ensure our clients' success.

I know firsthand the difference Medtrics can make, and I look forward to enabling other programs to enhance their curricular review, accreditation, and evaluation processes.

Katie holds a Master of Liberal Studies degree from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Rockhurst University. She is passionate about content creation and crafts narratives for medical education and beyond. Please join us in welcoming Katie to the Medtrics team!

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