Creating A Data-Driven Clinical Competency Committee

Learn how we helped Appalachian Regional Healthcare implement an outcome-based review process.
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Appalachian Regional Healthcare


Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) in Harlan, Kentucky launched its first Internal Medicine Residency Program in 2019. Program Director Dr. Bernie Sergent, Associate Program Director Dr. Stanley Marlowe, and Program Coordinator Tammy Allen worked as a team to build a program that relies on outcomes data to continuously monitor and improve performance.


After launching a new program, ARH had to effectively implement an outcome-based performance review process.


Utilize Medtrics to build and distribute ACGME milestones-based performance evaluations


ARH Obtained its Desired Outcome-Based Performance Review with highly satisfactory results.

"I was able to work with the Medtrics staff to generate customized and linked evaluation questions that automatically fed into the milestone calculations for the residents. The process was intuitive and efficient."

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The Challenge

When the team at ARH decided to start the venture of launching their first Internal Medicine residency program, Dr. Sergent had the vision of creating a curriculum that is driven by outcomes data. Medtrics needed to leverage ARH's goal of creating a curriculum driven by outcomes data. The council requires each program's Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) to review each resident's performance on a biannual basis and submit a milestone report to the ACGME.

The Solution

Once the program officially launched in July 2019, the team was ready to collect data as the residents rotated between different departments across ARH's hospitals in Harlan and Whitesburg, KY. The competency-based evaluations were distributed automatically to faculty members by Medtrics based on their work schedules.

- Implement an outcome-based performance review process.
- Create a simplified performance evaluation workflow.
- Minimize the time and effort it takes to manage residencies  and milestones.

The Results

- A digital Interface with a simplified workflow
- Real-time performance on each resident
- Quick report pulling for program directors
- 90% of evaluations completed on time
- (within 2 weeks after a rotation ended)
- ACGME milestones automatically calculated

Medtrics tools made the team confident. It assured users that the information on the reports was accurate while engaging the faculty members. The approachability  and scalability of the software’s functions helped generate value for ARH.  The team has already started expanding its performance review process to include additional data points such as lecture evaluations and end of rotation quizzes.

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