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5 Principles to Follow When Switching your Residency Management Software

Switching residency management software is not an easy task! Make things a little easier by following these 5 principles.
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Residency Management Software



Get started with switching your residency management software. This is a complex process that involves many stakeholders, so it's important to take careful consideration of the solution for your organization.


Ensure That Your Vendor Is The Expert in Healthcare

An innovative team of tech specialists will save your team from technical headaches

Vendors of RMS should speak the same jargon of your Designated Institutional Officials and Program Coordinators.

Your vendor must understand the nuances beyond daily operations to provide a solution for your team.

Their solution should be endorsed by medical associations, and their software should be built with your programs accreditation in mind.

Is your vendor agile to change?

Healthcare education can change fast. Ask the vendor for examples of how they’ve had to take quick action to resolve an issue.

With new accreditation models and unforeseen circumstances, you need an organization that is agile.

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Review the Vendor's Business Model & Test it for your Organization's needs

Is the company sales focused or solutions focused?

Schedule a call with a representative to discuss the software & logistics.

Make sure the vendor can notify which representative is on the scheduled call

Be cautious of vendors who can’t. It’s important to know that the vendor cares about meeting prospective business partners.

Perform a Needs Assessment

Gather information from stakeholders at all levels within your own organization to understand its needs.

Understanding the needs of the people who will be using this  solution is vital for implementing a new RMS.

Share Your Needs Assessment with a Vendor Before a Demonstration

Does the Vendor’s mission fulfill your vision and meet your needs?

A needs assessment will help the vendor cater their demonstration to your organization’s needs

The software can be demonstrated in greater detail and highlight the business needs

Sharing this with a vendor will allow them to demonstrate the software in greater detail while highlighting its use cases

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