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Are You Using Legacy Software to Manage Your Clinical Education Program?

Learn how outdated software can lead to major problems for not only your program, but your institution.
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In this document, we review the drawbacks of legacy systems for clinical education.



If you’re working on an older Residency program system, you’re probably pulling your hair out in frustration right now. Legacy systems were conceived for organizations with little to no change. No one really likes legacy systems, but there was a time and place for them. While we all know that these systems can be difficult to work with, they can actually do real damage to a company’s operations.


Organizations Change. Legacy Systems Don't.

Medical education has changed a lot in the past few years with accrediting organizations becoming more data and outcomes driven. Many hospitals and universities have implemented agile solutions to address these evolving needs, but this begs the question:

Why are many organizations still using legacy systems?

A legacy system follows a waterfall plan. It deals with change in big pieces, followed by a long period of stagnation. Decades ago, this was virtually every organization’s plan for success. Now, health systems and universities move at a fast pace and need agility to adapt to the continuous change and uncertainty that lies ahead. This agile strategy is well-suited for data-oriented and regulatory changes with accreditation, and it’s the reason many organizations have adopted them.

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Looking To Get Rid of Your Legacy System?

Have any questions about updating your organization’s legacy system? Medtrics specializes in contemporary solutions for healthcare education/accreditation management and can help your organization transition to a modern platform. Contact us for more information.

Legacy Software Can Threaten Your Operations & Interactions.

Legacy systems typically support users for a brief period, but organizational needs and requirements quickly evolve beyond what these systems can handle. When requirements of the accreditation and internal processes evolve, but the system does not, users are forced to leverage outside tools to conduct their operations as usual.

This can cause issues in many areas of an organization including on-boarding, training, getting evaluations, and keeping an engaged team. Organizations forced into this due to a faulty system are likely to struggle in these areas. This not only hurts the processes of the organization, but it can negatively impact the reputation and accreditation of the organization.

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