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Virtual CCC Meetings With Medtrics

Digital Reporting in Medtrics lets your organization have completely paperless, remote meetings.
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Using Medtrics to Facilitate Virtual CCC Meetings




A Paperless Meeting with Centralized Data in Medtrics

Semi-annual clinical competency committee meetings are critical for tracking resident performance and improvement towards their unsupervised practice. The meetings require meticulous planning, actionable data, and a responsive team just to start. Covering everything you need to in this short period of time can seem like an insurmountable task at times, and since time-pressured meetings produce lower-quality decisions, it’s understandable that programs are skeptical of hosting virtual CCC meetings.

Medtrics provides the tools to have a productive Clinical competency meeting with comparable results to an in-person meeting. Champion data in your system and generate valuable insights to make your team confident for virtual CCC meetings with Medtrics.

Getting Ready for the CCC Meeting

Medtrics makes it easy for you to share digital reports of residents with your colleagues. The reports in Medtrics range from general overviews with top-level information on each trainee to highly detailed reports that breakdown performance over the academic period.

To prep your other members for the meeting, we recommend downloading a CCC report for each resident and emailing it to your team. The Medtrics CCC report is a great starting point for evaluating your residents. This report pulls information from many different sources within Medtrics, such as competency performance, rotation schedules, procedure logs, and more, to provide a detailed overview of your trainee.

We recommend generating this report and sharing it with the different members of your committee about a week before your CCC meeting, so everyone can review each trainee’s summary.

Scheduling Your Meeting with Medtrics

Since you’re hosting this year’s CCC meeting virtually, you’ll need virtual meeting software to have the meeting. We highly recommend Zoom or Microsoft teams, given their ubiquity and capabilities.

The important part about any meeting is making sure your team knows when the meeting is and making sure there is a concrete agenda. Luckily, the Medtrics calendar makes it easy to share the CCC meeting with your team. Simply select the day you’re having the meeting, invite the team members, and add the zoom link and agenda to the meeting description. This will make the meeting appear on everyone’s calendar and give them a quick way to access the meeting when the time comes. To provide additional clarity, you could even use your program’s dashboard to send an announcement to your team with preparation items for the meeting. Following this will ensure your team is punctual and prepared for the meeting.

Hosting Your Virtual Meeting

So, you’ve already shared the CCC reports with your team, scheduled the meeting, and now comes the time for hosting the meeting. If you’ve already made it this far, your team should have a good starting point for evaluating its residents.

The CCC report should have highlighted any areas to look into further, so now you can use Zoom or Teams screen share technology to review resident information further in Medtrics. We have a variety of reports and graphs available to provide further insight and information for each resident. For evaluation or competency data, we recommend using any/all of the following.

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