Automated Curriculum Mapping

Medtrics ensures that your veterinary program's objectives align with the curriculum being taught. This alignment is crucial for covering the broad spectrum of knowledge and skills required in veterinary medicine, from basic animal care to specialized surgical techniques.
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Comprehensive Competency Framework

Medtrics includes a detailed set of objectives and competencies tailored for veterinary education that your institution needs to meet for accreditation. This comprehensive framework supports the varied and complex aspects of veterinary training, ensuring students are well-prepared for professional practice.

High-Level Objective Mapping

The Medtrics objective map offers a high-level overview of courses and their associated objectives, making it easy to see how each component of your curriculum contributes to broader educational goals. This feature is especially helpful in veterinary education, where courses may cover a wide range of topics from pharmacology to zoological medicine.

Efficient Curriculum Migration Tool

Streamline your curriculum development with the Medtrics Curriculum Migration tool. This feature allows you to reuse objectives, courses, directors, and assessment methods, saving significant time each year. It’s particularly beneficial in veterinary programs where course objectives may evolve due to advances in veterinary science or changes in animal welfare regulations.

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